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Please feel free to contact us about anything you have questions on.  We’ll get back with you as soon as we can!

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About Truman Lake Bikes offering bike repair /service | Bicycle and Kayak tours and rentals


Truman Lake Bikes opened in 2011 being the first bicycle and kayak shop to open in Warsaw Missouri.

Life Long Bicycling
Mac Vorce the founder of Truman Lake Bikes grew up riding and racing bicycles.  He spent most of his life in Las Vegas, Nevada where he was able to ride and race all year long.

The beginning of a career
In 1998 Mac started his first full time bicycle mechanic job for the company Monkey Wrench.  Monkey Wrench provided professional mechanical and repair support to national and world series mountain bike racers.

Mac would work on around 2,000 bikes during a three day racing period.  Through the time and experience working for Monkey Wrench Mac became an expert bicycle mechanic.

In 2001 Mac decided he needed to move to Missouri to be closer to his family.  Mac began working with the Warsaw Missouri Parks and Recreation department. He was able to head the direction and the design of 20+ miles of walking and bicycle trails in the Warsaw Area.  Including a skills park where bicycle enthusiasts can test their limits on man made features and a down hill course.

Truman Lake Bikes Was Born
In 2011 Mac decided that it was time that Warsaw needed a full service bicycle shop.  Truman Lake Bikes services the needs of the general public and 100’s of local bicycle riders and racers.

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Sales & Service


Truman Lake Bikes offering you sales, repair, and rentals since 2011.

What Is Right For You…
Our knowledgeable staff will fit the perfect bike to your body size and weight.  Get the most out of your bike with Truman Lake Bikes.

Brands We Carry & Service


  • Trek Bikes
  • Gary Fisher Bikes
  • Surly

  • SRAM
  • Shimano
  • Bontrager
  • Fox Shocks

  • Fox Gear


  • Cobra Kayaks
Disc Golf

  • Innova
  • DGA
  • Quest