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Best Hybrid Bikes Under $500 Review

Racing bikes often ridden in competitions attract a high cost. However, many situations don’t require such bikes. A good example is an entry-level rider or someone getting back into riding after a long break. Besides, leisure rides and general exercise after long hours in the office requires a simple but reliable bicycle.

If that ticks your need, then you can get the best hybrid bikes under $500. At such a price you get a durable frame and other most crucial parts. Later when your budget allows you can perform a minor upgrade of tires, pedals, and saddle.

Best Hybrid Bikes Under $500 Review

700C Light Weight Aluminium Hybrid Bike Shimano Tourney 21 speeds Bicycle

For the leisure ride around the city, and trekking to work, this CAB bicycle will serve. It uses a light-alloy but durable frame. Also, it employs strong steel material for the fork and handlebar. Consequently, it’s an asset that promises to serve you for a longer duration.

The front and rear tires, measure 700c x 32mm. Moreover, the tires fit on double-wall rims. As a result, it gives you a wheelset that’s sturdy and meets daily use. Also, its thickness gives the bike superior stability on the road.

Apart from the durable frame, it also taps on the reputable Shimano drivetrain. And with a total of 21 gears, you can match terrain with its appropriate gear. The V brakes on the other hand allow for quick stopping whenever you need it.

Fine-tuning your seating position on this CAB hybrid bike is easy. It features the simple to adjust seat post height using a quick-release clamp. A rear kickstand negates the need for a wall or tree to support the bike.


  • Simple to assemble; 85% complete
  • Easy to adjust the seating height
  • Durable framework
  • Has 21speed ability using Shimano drivetrain


  • Its handlebar’s height is non-adjustable, except when you use an extender

Schwinn Volare Adult Hybrid Road Bike, 28-inch Wheel, Aluminum Frame, Multiple Colors

Have you ever tried carrying a bike up a flight of stairs? It’s irritating when you have to do that daily and you live on the upper floor. Schwinn, a reputable company offers a solution. It gives you a lightweight cycle of 29.8lbs. Thus carrying such a load won’t strain your muscles.

At the same time, this bike has 28-inch tires. Such big tires thus have an advantage over small holes and also support high speed. The front and rear rims use the double alloy technology. That cut down on the bike’s weight without compromising sturdiness.

When you bend forward slightly, your body assumes a streamlined shape. By using the drop handlebar, Schwinn Volare gives you the posture that easily adapts to speed. Even while climbing uphill you won’t have to use excessive effort. Thanks to its 14speed capacity. Besides, since it uses the reputable Shimano drivetrain, it provides smooth gearing


  • Equipped with 14speed Shimano drivetrain efficiency
  • It has a lightweight of 29.8lbs thus easy to push or carry
  • Supports the stylish and efficient aerodynamic posture
  • Uses large and stable tires


  • Its assembly, aligning of brakes and gears isn’t easy for the technically inexperienced rider

Retrospec Bicycles Retrospec Motley Hybrid Bike

This Retrospec Motley Hybrid Bike has two outstanding features that make it adorable by ladies. From the outlook, it presents the glittering tint green color. Ride on this bike and you will command heads to turn in your direction. Hills and plains won’t be any different to you; thanks to the Shimano Altus 21speed drivetrain and mega range gearing.

Besides the alluring look, it also feels extra comfortable. The lightweight frame features an easy step-thru design. Mounting or dismounting is thus stress-free. At the same time, its wide handlebar allows you to maintain an upright riding position. Hence you won’t have to register pain on the neck, shoulder, and back.

Worried of a bumpy ride? Not so when you have the Motley Hybrid Bike. It features two suspensions for extra dampening effect; in the seat post and front fork.

As if that dampening isn’t enough, it employs Kenda 700 x 32mm thick tires. You can thus ride over roots, pebbles, and bumps without registering discomfort. Also, the tires feature special grooves for dispersing water. Consequently, that increases your grip and stability on wet roads.

The entire bicycle has a manageable weight of 32lbs. Also, its sturdy framework will easily support 250lbs weight. Removing the wheels shouldn’t be difficult, considering it incorporates the quick release technology.


  • Employs simple to use twist grip shifter
  • Complete with rear mount kickstand
  • Extra comfortable drive
  • Has an appealing look


  • Its pedals and tire quality is wanting; though it isn’t costly to upgrade

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Steel Men’s Hybrid Bike with Rear Rack, 26 Inches, 7-Speed, Matte Black

For the man looking for a stable and comfortable hybrid bike, Sixthreezero EVRYjourney is the way to go. It will improve your daily errands and commuting, owing to its forward pedaling design.

Besides, it also supports an upright riding position. So, your knees, back, and shoulders will feel comfortable. Unlike most uncomfortable saddles, this bike features a wide dual-spring seat. Even when you are overweight, it accommodates up to 300lbs.

When you meet gentle hills, you can tap on the efficiency of its 7speed Shimano drivetrain. Considering that its 19-inch frame has a step-thru design, it earns high stability. Furthermore, its 40lbs weight gives you an easy time when cycling against the wind, and boosts your speed down the slope.


  • Wide and comfortable saddle
  • Supports a relaxed forward pedaling and upright riding posture
  • It features large and stable wheels


  • It’s slightly heavy as it weighs 40lbs


From the best examples featured above, you can realize that with a budget of less than 500 USD you can secure a reliable hybrid bike. When compared to buying a road and mountain bike separately, purchasing a hybrid bike is a better option. Talk of comfortable relaxed posture, smooth rides, and a durable frame, you can get the features from the above selection. So what keeps you from owning a hybrid bike?